Program Features

 To feel the atmosphere of this famous university:
      Inherit the university motto of ceaseless self-improvement, self-discipline and social commitment, and stimulate the Tsinghua spirit of rigorous, innovation and excellence.

 The global leading program:
     The curriculum system is designed especially for enterprises facing human resource challenges during the process of globalization. Introducing advanced and cutting-edge learning systems like Right,Mercer,Belbin, DDI,Aon Hewitt etc., the program provides the most cutting-edge and adequate resources and organize international level high-quality education to meet the professionals’ needs of HR and to improve the critical and strategic status of human resources management.

 Multidimensional Teaching Methods:
     The course combines case teaching methodology with project teaching methodology, using double-mentor methodology. The course also establishes a free, fair, open atmosphere to encourage participants to solve problems from different angles in order to stimulate participants’ multi-angle sympathetic response and make them the master of the classroom.

—— Case Teaching Methodology:  Based on real case, fully develop participants ’skills to discover, analyze and solve problems. The course would build an active learning mode to guide the participants to analyze, discuss and provide solution for complex problems and improve their management potential.

——Project Teaching Methodology:  Participants are required to finish the one-month team project practice with team members for 3-4 times. The project includes employer branding, on-boarding management, HRBP etc. It can improve participants’ practical operational capabilities and teamwork skills through making action plans for participants ’enterprises according to the companies’ real condition and by mutual cooperation and mentor guidance among teams.

——Double Mentor Methodology:  All participants could select their practice mentors and academic mentors according to two-way principle. Practice mentor guides team practice while academic mentor guides academic paper.

 Benchmarking Enterprises Visiting:
     Participants have the opportunities to visit 1-2 world-famous corporate universities or training centers to do the field study of the training and leadership development system of top enterprises.

 Social Networking:
     Participants may attend 2-4 times of conference and expo held by China leading human resource media platform for free, they can interact with ten thousands of professionals like human resource managers to build a high-vision, high-grade, high-value communication platform to meet HR elites’ requirements of learning, social networking, self-growing and sharing.