关于奖项 About the Awards

  • 通过在线,传真和邮件的方式推荐企业入选初始名单
  • 由HR管理世界在初始名单中根据评选标准确定入围企业和个人
  • 从入围企业中投票产生奖项(50%由书面投票评选,50%由顾问评选)
  • 由专家顾问团评估各评选标准的重要度
  • 由HR管理世界及顾问组成的专家团进行评选研究

    Awards Process
  • Recommend companies for the initial list through on-line, fax and mail
  • According to the Awards criteria, HRoot confirms the candidates.
  • Select Top3 from the candidates by voting (50% by written Awards, 50% by consultants)
  • Estimate the importance of the Awards criteria
  • Panel Judges constituted by HRoot and consultants select.
  • The winner and Best HRM is announced.


    " 2007-2008年度大中华地区最佳人力资源经理人"奖项评选标准

  • 所供职企业(全球)职员人数在1000人以上或公司全球年度销售额大于一亿美元
  • 职位级别:人力资源经理、人力资源高级经理、人力资源总监、人力资源副总裁及以上
  • 优秀的组织协调能力,沟通能力,团队建设能力和战略规划能力
  • 对现代企业人力资源管理模式有系统的了解和实践经验的积累
  • 协助所供职企业建立良好的雇主品牌口碑
  • 推动所供职企业的人力资源管理体系的变革

    Awards Criteria for "Best HR Manager"

  • "Best HR Manager" should be the member of a corporation which is including above 1000 employees or achieving saleroom above 100 million dollar global.
  • "Best HR Manager" should be on the position higher than HR manager, senior HR manager, HR director and HR VP.
  • "Best HR Manager" should be provided with excellent capability of coordination, organizing, communication skills, team constructing and strategic programming.
  • "Best HR Manager" should be provided with excellent capability of human resource stratagem and scheme. Be familiar with both pattern of corporation HR management in modern times and practicing is most required.
  • "Best HR Manager" should build up good employer brand for the company which he serves for.
  • "Best HR Manager" should promote the innovation of HR management System for the company he serves for.


    Awards Criteria for Organization Award

    Loyalty-It detailed defines transactional loyalty (Recency、Frequency、Customer Share、trade time)、emotional Loyalty (Recommend You、Pay Premium Price、Make You The Standard、Better Your Products) and customer satisfaction in contacting with clients. All of them could be evaluated.

    Intelligence- It detailed defines the data which can meet client's requirement, what they require, the reason for requirement, when、where and how to acquire them. Clients information could obtain the largest, completed、latest and abundant management.
    Value- evaluating via client's income( upward-purchase, cross-purchase, commend purchase)、information of client(client statistics or vocation code)、client's profit and Customer Lifetime.

    Experience-designing a most perfect experience for client--overtaking the expectation of customer touch-point which is the most important to clients, to maximize satisfaction of client basic on being in conformity to brand value expected by company.

    Perspective- perspective should be in conformity to company's mission and value and most be attractive for people who are involved in benefit meanwhile. It should be conciseness, confirmable, feasible and invigorative. Both your client and potential client can establish attitude on your company.

    Tactic-tactic should be directed towards client's requirement and value, to change client's behavior, optimize customer relationship and create more income、profit and loyalty. It is significative that checking interaction through "customer's eyes".
    Object and Performance- holding a clear target of customer relationship management and performance Criteria is propitious to quantizing and evaluating customer's loyalty, customer value and efficiency of client process, accordingly ensure that they are in conformity to perspective and tactic.

    Change Management - appropriate change is necessary for dealing with personnel--a variety of transform of organization from resistance managing to structure inspirit then to encouragement inspire, even including crisis management. The final object is to implant client's pilot and idea from the tactic or perspective level to corporation culture (value) level.

    Employee support- employee should accept appropriate training for software/system, technology and conception. Perspective and tactic should clearly communicate comprehensive with employees and superadd adequate rewards and performance Awards system.
    Organization structure- an available organization structure can make different departments to be a whole team with same language and object. All of their performance are evaluated and encouraged through customer satisfaction, loyalty, value and efficiency of process.
    Information flow- client information flow of whole procedure--all the purchase/pre-consume (marketing) and purchase/consuming ( sale and executive) and purchase/consume finished (service) are directed by client and conformity after internal relationship.

    Flow design-just the same as information flow, the flow cycle of whole client flow-all the purchase/pre-consume (marketing) and purchase/consuming( sale and executive) and purchase/consume finished (service) are also directed by client and conformity after internal relationship.

    Internal coordination-flow programming should be combination with perspective, tactic and object of customer relationship management, and constituted through business and technology requirement.

    Requirement constituting-requirement constituting is basic on function (flow) and business requirement, also combination with client's perspective, tactic and object.

    Client Choice- should have sufficient communication about technology require with inside project team, be with adequate check by vendor or relative client.

    Awards- there should be an Awards approach including quantity (chief expense, time, investment redound ) and quality (acceptable of client, capability of dealing with problem, other direct or indirect benefit) to evaluate the effect of service.


  • 2007-2008年度大中华区最佳薪酬调研机构
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区最佳猎头机构
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区最佳人力资源外包机构
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区最佳e-Learning机构
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区最佳人力资源评鉴机构
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区最佳人力资源培训机构
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区最佳招聘机构
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区最佳e-HR机构
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区eHR最佳技术奖
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区eHR最佳品牌奖
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区eHR最佳客户满意度奖
  • 2007-2008年度大中华区eHR创新奖

  • Best HR Consulting Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best Compensation Investigation Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best Headhunting Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best HR Outsourcing Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best e-Learning Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best Labor Law Services Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best HR Awards Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best eHR Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best eHR Technology Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best eHR Brand Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best eHR Customer Satisfaction Provider in Greater China 2007-2008
  • Best eHR Creative in Greater China 2007-2008
  • "大中华区年度人力资源评选"(Annual Human Resources Awards of Greater China )由HR管理世界、《世界管理评论》每年一度举办,是目前大中华地区最权威、规模领先、层次最高、最受瞩目的人力资源评选。该评选奖项分别为“大中华区人力资源最有价值专家”(Most Valuable HR Professional of Greater China)、“大中华区最佳人力资源经理人(Best HR Manager of Greater China)”、“大中华地区最佳人力资源服务机构(Best HR Service Providers of Greater China)”,迄今已举办三届,数十位人力资源专家、经理人和机构获奖。
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