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About HRoot
HRoot is a media leader and main promoter in HR industry of china and the Asia Pacific. We provide professional and abundant information for HR managers and complete marketing promotion for the service suppliers. Our services include website, publication, exhibition, training, advertisement and simultaneously on-line information management as well as information technology support. At present,HRoot is consist of 23 brands, including HRoot, "World Management Review", Km73.com ,"China Human resources Management Yearbook", "World Top 500 enterprises HR Directors Interview ", the management world club(HRootClub)and Top 100 Human Resource Services etc. We provide 100 million web page reviews on HR information to the users, and send out 4.5 million information inquiries to the management service providers through two professions websites (HRoot.com, Km73.com), one monthly magazine "World Management Review", 10 management information reports and 20 related conferences together with some other expositions. More than 90% of "Fortune" top 500 enterprises in China have become our customers, and currently over 100 Human Resource Services Providers have been our advertisement customers and the hosts.

关于世界管理评论(World Management Review)
《世界管理评论》是HR管理世界旗下的高端管理刊物。创刊以来,《世界管理评论》杂志以"推动管理进步"为使命,致力于为管理者和企业家提供一流管理智慧和实践。杂志以清新平实的风格及时报道最新管理理念和实践,揭示企业在管理中成功或失败的策略,同时从全球最权威管理出版物萃取领先管理思想和热点话题,为管理者提供一流管理智慧。《世界管理评论》杂志通过成功地将全球先进管理理念与实践和本土优秀的成功管理经验结合起来,呈现给管理者们实用、有效、可借鉴性极强的精彩文章,帮助他们提高管理水平竞争力,以适应国际化进程的需要。 《世界管理评论》(World Management Review)是领先的管理月刊,致力于为会员客户传递管理领域中最新的思想、观点、方法、技巧和最新的商业资讯,帮助管理者们不断更新理念,开阔视野,适应变化,引领管理实践。

About "World Management Review"
"World Management Review"is one of senior publication of HRoot. It regards "propelling development of management" as mission, being devoted to provide strategy and practices for top-ranking controller. With placidity it reports in time newest ideas and practices of management, reveals maneuvers which leading to success or failure in enterprises, provides controller best wisdom with extract up-to-date management skill and hot topics from authoritative managing publications in meanwhile. 《World Management Review》shows reasonable, available and useful essays to controllers through combination advanced global management skill with excellent successful experiences locally about management. All of them meet the international requirements. 《World Management Review》is a banner monthly magazine about management. With delivering newest idea, opinion, approach, skill and commercial information it is devoted to help controllers update sense, develop eyeshot, adapt changes and guide the practices of management.

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